•       Wedding / Grüntaler Str. 51 / daily 7pm - 1am++
  • Live: Calum Pratt - Record Release

  • Thursday 27.02 21:00
  • I’m delighted to announce this extra special launch concert to coincide the release of my debut full-length album, “This Time Will Be Different”! Join me for a cosy wintery evening in Kugelbahn, Wedding, where I’ll play through the entire album with a live band for the first time.

    Doors: 9pm
    Entry: Donations

    Calum Pratt is a singer-songwriter originally from a sleepy village in the south of England, but has since settled in Berlin. His sound leans heavily on the guitar techniques and alternate tunings of English folk music, and has inflections from a variety of contemporary alternative genres. Expect an intimate, reflective atmosphere with a blend of delicate fingerpicking and plaintive vocals.

    Single from the album, “Incessant Noise”:

    Live video

    Album pre-order

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