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  • Tanzen & Kegeln: Space Age Club by diebrotfrau

  • Friday 24.01 22:00
  • Space Age Club by diebrotfrau

    From Genesis to Exodus, from hot beats of 60ies space age music to
    synthetic echoing sounds of the 80ies cold war game. Feel the riffs of electric guitars
    dancing with Hammond organs through your legs. Listen to Haitian Voodoo
    Drums or funky Marimba tunes evoking good times. Fly through
    vocoder voices and beat your body to exact drum machines.
    So, tonight: 60ies Beat & Garage vibes mixed with worldwide sounds,
    garnished by Italo Disco 12inches and German Minimal Wave from the 80ies on the decks.
    Music to listen and dance to, served to you by DJ diebrotfrau [berlin]

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